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Open: Wednesday - Saturday
Hours: 10:00AM - 5:00PM

The story of Uniquely Yours Dress Shop began many years ago. Owner Carol Langham and her daughter Stephanie had a desire to open a unique dress shop. After a lot of prayer and looking, they found a charming house that had been restored. It was perfect! The next step would be many trips to the Dallas World Trade Center (never having been there, it was an overwhelming experience for the two women). There were fifteen floors and hundreds of show rooms. Carol and Stephanie gradually found show rooms that offered a variety of styles, with shades of simplicity, and a blend of contemporary and traditional fashion. They had captured their vision by following their heart. 


The heartbeat of Uniquely Yours Dress Shop is found in Psalm 139, "You are uniquely and wonderfully made." This verse is attached to each one of the stores shopping bags. The goal is to let each customer dress and look as uniquely as they are. Over nine years later, Uniquely Yours has added over one thousand addresses to their mailing list. They believe one of the things that has made this happen is the amazing ladies who work in the store. These women create a delightful, fun, and helpful atmosphere in which to shop. And the greatest part is that you can come in and experience this welcoming atmosphere as well! Questions? Call us at (903) 874-2723!

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